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Responsible Gaming in Australia

One of the key aspects of the activities that gambling portals undertake is Responsible Gaming. Firms operating legally in Australia inform their clients as fully as possible about the risks associated with uncontrolled gambling on their sites. A wealth of information can be found on the menu, giving you a thorough understanding of how to protect yourself from gambling addiction and personal problems. 

Every punter who decides to utilize the services of an Aussie online casino should remember that gambling is not a means of making money, but a hobby. Otherwise, he or she risks losing money and worsening relationships with his or her family. 

Age Restrictions 

Every gambling operator that legally works in Australia carefully ensures that minors are not allowed on its platform. If you try to hide your true age during the registration process, then do not think that this will not be known. Mandatory passage of the identity verification procedure will allow the casino to establish the fact of concealment of your true age, and as a result will lead to blocking. 

Internet Access Restriction 

If you suspect or are sure that your child has a gambling addiction, then you can contact the support agents of the online casino and report it. In this case, the account will be blocked. 

Another useful way to reduce the risks of developing gambling addiction in a minor is the use of such technological tools as CyberPatrol (www.cyberpatrol.com) and Net Nanny (www.netnanny.com). They are ideal in situations where people under the age of 18 have access to your gadget in addition to you. 

Are You a Problem Player? 

Many Aussie online casinos post a set of questions on their platforms, the answers to which help punters understand whether they have a gambling addiction and take the necessary measures. If you answer positively to several of these questions, then it is highly likely that you have developed an addiction:

  • Have you faced criticism because you like to enjoy pokies or other games for real money?;
  • Do you deposit money in an online casino more often than you manage to win?
  • Do the promotional mailing lists of gambling sites motivate you to return to the game as soon as possible?
  • Have you ever lied to other people about the amount you lost in an online casino?
  • Do you play until you lose all your money?
  • Have you ever faced problems in relationships with family or friends because of your addiction to online gambling?
  • Have you ever lied, stolen or borrowed money to finance your game?
  • Does gambling prevent you from studying and working?
  • Have you ever had situations in your life when you were rude to other people because of online gambling?
  • Did gambling make you depressed or suicidal? 

In the event that you have developed or are developing a gambling addiction, you can seek help from international organizations that provide assistance to problem punters. You can find out their contacts from the support agents of the online casino whose services you use. Here are some samples: 

  • GamCare (www.gamcare.org.uk). The most famous organization that successfully helps people with long-term gambling addiction;
  • Gambling Therapy (www.gamblingtherapy.org). Problematic punters will be able to get both theoretical and practical help on this platform;
  • Gamblers Anonymous (www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk). Here, problem gamblers from all over the world share their experiences and tips with other players. The organization has branches in many locations around the globe. 

Useful Tools 

Legal gambling operators in Australia provide their clients with round-the-clock access to tools that allow them to effectively fight gambling addiction. Some of them are available for use by punters, for the other part it is necessary to seek assistance from support agents: 

  • Reality check. You can set up sending notifications that will appear on the screen if your time on the site is too long;
  • The history of losses. Many portals offer the opportunity to view the stats of your game, in particular, the promised amount of losses;
  • Deposit limit. Set a personal limit on the max amount to recharge the balance;
  • Spending limit. Set a limit on the max amount that you are willing to afford to lose for a certain period;
  • The limit on the amount of the bet. To keep your bankroll from burning quickly, set a limit on the size of the max stake;
  • Temporary blocking. You can ask the employees of the gambling portal in Australia to block access to your private cabinet for a day, three days, a week, a month or any other period;
  • Deleting an account. If you are tired of gambling, and it has ceased to bring you pleasure, then contact the support agents of the online casino, and your private cabinet will be permanently closed. 

In online casinos in Australia, you can find other handy tools that allow punters to fight gambling addiction. 

Tips for a Healthy Game 

You should remember that gambling is not only an opportunity to win big or take part in generous promotions. If you play irresponsibly, you will most likely lose your funds. For this reason, it will be useful for Australian gamblers to follow these important tips: 

  • Keep track of the time. The longer you play, the higher the chances that you will get tired, lose concentration, and start losing;
  • Take care of your bankroll. Form a budget before the start of your visit to the online casino, and under no circumstances exceed it, so as not to lose more money than you can afford;
  • Place small bets. Everything is simple here — if you don’t have rich relatives, and you are not an oil magnate, then you don’t need to play big. Place small bets to prolong the game time and give yourself more chances to win;
  • Keep your cool. If you have lost several times in a row, do not raise your bets. You are not guaranteed to win, so you risk losing even more. It is better to return to the site next time, rested and in a good mood;
  • No alcohol. If you are drunk, or depressed or drugged, you can say goodbye to your money. These factors are guaranteed to lead you to a loss. 

And, most importantly, if you feel that you have become tired of online gambling, give yourself a rest. Come back to the game fully prepared and with great emotions. This will save you from risks and give you not only a good mood, but also the chances of winning.