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What are the best pokies on offer down under? This is our take on the best online pokies — take a look at this “Pokies in Australia” review.

However, we won’t rush to the review but will instead fully acquaint you with what exactly they are and how they work. There is a whole colorful array of pokies the online world has to offer, so we’ll point out the different types before we get to “dissecting” them. We’ll break down their bonuses and features, and the review criteria will make so much more sense after that. We’ll even leave you some of our affiliate links so you’ll know where you can play the best online pokies in Australia in 2019!

So let’s begin with clarifying what exactly online pokies are!

What Are Pokies?

Why, that is what Australians affectionately named their slot machines! And if anyone has a problem with that, we’d like to point out that the Scottish call them “puggys,” so Australia wins!

Australia is famous for its love of pokies — they’re something of a “national sport.” They’re played on the couch or generally from a sitting position, as most true blues like to play online. The popularity can be explained in many ways, but perhaps the most obvious is the fun. Nowadays, they look and sound like Hollywood movies, with impressive design and actual soundtracks! You’re put in a happy mood the moment you open one on your PC, laptop, or phone. The other obvious factor for their proliferation is the fact that online casino sites are so convenient to access. So they’re convenient, and they’re fun. Those two reasons are surely enough to explain why playing online pokies has an excellent reputation as a great pastime.


Truly, though, the cherry on the cake is that you can win serious money on real-money Australian pokies when you play online. It’s a winning combination; the holy trinity of the mighty gambling world — it’s fun; it’s convenient; it pays out!

The original slot machines were big ol’ things that took up a lot of space in the room but gave it that Las Vegas vibe. They had a clunky lever and would need to be manually fed coins in order to work. The first version had only three reels with not that many symbols on them, and the only payline was the one that went straight across. Even back then, people loved the game and the avalanche of coins it would produce when you triggered the correct combination. 

Soon after came video slots, as well as video poker, and generally, programmed versions of the traditional machine. So video poker was around with video slots, hence the moniker down in Straya.

But we digress. The real boom happened after the old-school machines and video machines were replaced by their online versions. That was amazing for Australian players as they could finally legally gamble online to their hearts’ content! International, as well as Australian online casinos, don’t offer games to suit every taste. There is an increasing number of casinos that accept the Australian dollar, and there are even free online pokies for those who just like the thrill of watching the reels spin. There’s even the option of no-deposit online pokies for Australia-based players, where you can make money from thin air. These games in Australia in 2019 are available to every Bruce and Sheila out there if they have a penchant for it.

Now that we’ve given you a brief history lesson and belaboured the obvious (yes, they are super fun), let’s see how they really work.

How Do Online Pokies Work?

To start off, online versions of games are straightforward to use. The best casinos will have an extensive library available to players, all at the click of a button.

First of all, they use what’s called a Random Number Generator. That means that fair play is ensured because this software does not allow a rigged result. Everything is animated on-screen, and the “lever” is an animated button you click on via the mouse or touchpad. Because there are no 3D restraints online, the number of (virtual) reels can be as large as the manufacturer wants them to be. 

Then, the paylines have also gotten more generous. After all, it’s all programmed and online — a payline no longer has to be a straight line across or an inverted V-shape, it can be virtually any combination! The number of symbols was able to do the same thing — increase in proportion, and massively so. When you juxtapose them with the original video slots, you’ll see what we mean. Before, there were maybe five possible paylines, and now, there are usually 243 waiting to be hit! Thus, real money casinos entice players to play their versions because of all the ways to trigger a win.

However, the design and look of online slots is maybe not the best criterion by which to choose your preferred one to play, but many people do just that! That is because top online pokies look beautiful to the gambling eye, and great design is one way they stay competitive. 

Finally, designers have been able to add some impressive features. Sites will offer in-game bonuses, such as Multipliers. This feature allows the players to multiply their winnings once they trigger the correct symbols. Then, there are Wilds, which means you get to exchange the symbol you were stuck with for one that you need to win. Free Spins are another self-explanatory feature and are most people’s favourites. You can unlock all of these with Scatter symbols because when enough of them appear, you usually “exchange” them or trade them in for Free Spins and such.

In conclusion, online pokies work when you press a button. Immersing yourself in gaming will allow you to understand this jargon better. So whether you’re gaming on your mobile or any other platform, pick your favourite, pop open a cold stubby, and enjoy.

But how will you know which one will be your favourite? Well, let’s examine their types together.

Types of Online Pokies

They can be classified in various ways, but the first segregation is really between the free and the real-money ones. One can also divide them by how they’re structured, the number paylines, the amount of money return, and the themes they have.

Read on to see our type distribution.

Free Pokies

That is an option for everyone who is a bit intimidated by gambling as wagering with one’s own money can be a scary prospect. It’s also for everyone who just loves the relaxation that diverse slots offer, so all the best online casinos have this gaming option. Usually, there is no need to register at a casino in order to play this version. You can still pick any game you want, you can play on your mobile at your convenience, and you can game as much as you like. 

That is a way to test the waters, so to speak, so you can note if there is a payout often enough on that platform. There’s no risk of losing money as you learn the ins and outs of these games. 

However, you can’t win any dollars either. 

There is an exception to this rule — if you use a no-deposit bonus. Pokie bonuses will be explained shortly, but we’re just creating a demarcation between free pokies which are played for fun and real-money ones.

Real Money Pokies

Most online pokies get played for real money. The popular ones earned their fame because one can win big on them. 

When you’re gaming, you will need to make an actual cash deposit before you can start. And after this, you will have to meet a specific playthrough requirement, where you wager your cash a predetermined number of times before you can cash out. It’s a way to keep you playing, but also a way for you to win big. Australian players love to do this. After all, they are easily one of the nation’s most beloved casino games.

Pokie Structure

Some people find the structure to be most important for their enjoyment. Nowadays, casinos for Australian players let you pick between 3-Reel, 5-Reel, and 6-Reel slots. You can also choose the ones with an in-built Bonus round, or Progressive jackpot, and even Floating Symbols slots.

However, the most popular ones are the 5-Reel pokies as well as the Progressive ones. The five reels give them comprehensive gameplay — they offer many options without tiring the eyes. As for the Progressive ones, they are well-loved because they have a growing jackpot and every player contributes to the pot. Of course, there’s only one lucky winner in the end, and it’s the sort of stuff gaming legends are built off of.

Pokie Designs and Themes

There are so many interesting themes and aesthetically pleasing designs to choose from. Escape to the future, the Middle Ages, Rome, or outer space — there’s a slot for every preference. Check out our affiliate links if you need some pretty pokie inspiration!

The Paylines and RTP

Pokies have hundreds of payline combinations, and some blokes just care about the number of ways to win. Other, more seasoned gamblers also look at the amount that can be returned. Experience has taught them that one can have a losing streak, so the Return to Player percentage is vital. You want to pick the ones with a 96% RTP or higher if you don’t want to be stuck with free casino games. Our reviews and affiliate links will help you suss them all out!

Pokie Bonus Options

Top Australian casinos will have amazing bonuses to match. That goes for all casino games, but especially pokies. We’ve listed some of the bonuses you might be eligible for when you play online, especially if you use our affiliate links.

No Deposit bonus

The no-deposit bonus is one that doesn’t require you to put down any money before you start playing. This usually means you get Free Spins. If you wager through them as per the parameters set in the Terms and Conditions, you will earn yourself some serious “lobsters” and “pineapples.”

Free Chips

That is a bonus you can get while playing pokies. Usually, a players balance must be 1AUD or less before they can receive this bonus, which is usually a promotional offer. The latest online casinos have this option on-hand.

Free Spins

As we’ve mentioned, these are a pokie player’s best friend. Playing through your spins and winning big is every Aussie’s dream.

Match Bonuses

That is another welcome addition to the bonus action of online casino gaming. Your bonuses are matched with a certain percentage after a playthrough, allowing you to win more than you’ve ever imagined!

Weekly Cashback 

That is a program most Australian casino’s offer for loyal clients. Usually, you must’ve had your active balance spent to 1AUD or less and have no withdrawals pending. Then, you are eligible for cashback on all deposit you’d made the previous seven days. You still have to wager through the cash, but it’s still a generous gesture.

Comp Points

You can accumulate these through gaming at a casino or a mobile casino. You get these comp points per a certain number of dollars wagered. And if you’re a VIP client, you get a more favourable ratio.

Weekly/Monthly Bonuses

Most Australian online casinos, as well as international ones, will have enticing offers each week and month to keep you coming back for more. Top online casinos keep it fresh and interesting with their promotional offers.

Birthday/Holiday Bonuses

The sweetest thing that the best casinos online will do is give adorable offers on your favourite holiday — your birthday. Online casino bonuses have branched out to incorporate public holidays too for all you Christmas lovers out there — what a treat!

Our Online Pokies in Australia — Review Criteria

We recommend that Aussie players make use of one of our affiliate sites when gambling online as they are all considered top-rated casinos.

We’ve used multiple criteria to determine which sites to add to our list, and only the best ones have made the cut. We’ve tested them for all they’re worth to make sure that they are player-friendly in all parameters. Our standards are high, so you can be sure that only the best Aussie online pokies have made the cut! So worry not — we have only the best in our Australian review.

Online Pokies in Australia

Our strict vetting process put every possible criterion under in-depth scrutiny. Read on to see our thought process.

The Look, Theme, and the Quality of Visuals 

In 2019, every player expects to have graphics that are on par with the best of them. Slots need to be visually appealing, stunning even, to make this cut. On top of that, the soundtrack and sound effects alone must be top-notch. Our picks feature only the best ones with the highest quality animations.

In-Game Features

For a pokie to stand out, it must have excellent in-game bonus features. How are the Wilds looking? How many Scatters per game? How big is the progressive jackpot? Is it teeming with Free Spins like it ought to be? Only the most intricate will have made the grade.

The Bonuses

Casino bonuses are every Aussie’s favourite feature, especially when playing slots. We checked if it had a good welcome offer, as well as special promotions of the bonus variety described above.

Variety, as well as quality, was the criteria used for this rating.

Pokie Game Library

If you’ve ever seen the animated motion picture “Beauty and the Beast,” you know the scene where Beast gives Belle a library. The books are packed from floor to ceiling, leaving nothing to be desired.

Well, we have a Beast of criteria when it comes to pokie options. Only the most opulent offerings have made their way to our recommendations list.

Site and Player Safety

In order to gamble online, you are asked to share personal information. That happens both when you sign up and especially when you’re to be paid your winnings. You are fully entitled to be concerned about the safety of your data. No one wants third-party intrusions, information getting lost in the endless virtual realm, or at worst, misused.

Only the most trusted of all online casinos have made it onto our list. High-tech encryption technology, along with accredited governing bodies are the equation these online casinos have had to solve to get to where they are. So if the game is licensed, certified, and as safe as it gets, it has a good rating, and it’s on here.

Customer Support

Casinos are ultimately run by people, and they are also needed to problem-solve. Something might go wrong, or a player might just have an inquiry. That’s why timely and friendly customer support staff is the hallmark of an excellent online casino. The ones we picked are available rain or shine and have a cheery disposition whenever you contact them.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile casinos are one of the biggest ways the gambling industry is growing nowadays. A good pokie will have a seamless mobile counterpart.

The Payouts

How is the Return to Player (RTP) looking? How many currencies and deposit and withdrawal methods are available? Are your winnings paid out in a timely fashion? The bottom line matters.

The Overall Impression

Not all available games will match every criterion given here to the letter, and they don’t have to. Sometimes, it’s the overall impression of the gameplay that truly swings the pendulum and puts a pokie on the list.

In Conclusion

Pick the best pokies you can! We’ve done this 2019 review using a strict vetting process for your gambling pleasure! We’ve done the rating and tested them out, so you don’t have to. If in doubt, try out our affiliate links, and you’ll never look back!

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