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What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a specific programme developed and put into use by a company. Its essence is to obtain certain players’ personal data, store it and ensure its security and integrity. At certain points, the company may also use player information. Studying the privacy policy in advance will enable you to decide on the importance of taking part in the activities of a particular site, and will also keep you safe from unforeseen violations and subsequent penalties for them.

Information to be collected, stored, processed and used

The privacy policy is fully linked to players’ personal data. We suggest that you find out in advance what information about you may be collected and stored on our servers. This includes:

  • Name;
  • Address of residence;
  • Telephone number;
  • Email address;
  • Payment methods and so on.

In other words, the company obtains your personal data. This is any information by which the user can be personally identified. You do not have to worry that your information will get to third parties. The company uses a multi-stage encryption system for personal data which prevents its leakage and loss.

Use of player information

By registering your account on this Great Aussie Pokies site or any other website, you consent to the processing of your personal data. In addition, many platforms will notify you when you do not need to create an account, that the information you have left online can be stored. If you are wondering what your data might be used for, we offer the following list:

  • For processing by the company and its agents and employees;
  • To be researched and processed by the company’s partners and subcontractors, which has a positive impact on improving the quality of the services provided;
  • To create an account so that it can fully function;
  • To provide you with individual service features;
  • To communicate between the company and its users, in order to be able to answer all questions and comments and keep the support service up and running;
  • To monitor your age and other indicators in order to inform you in due time about new offers and promotions;
  • To create, operate, manage and maintain a user account in order to pay for possible services;
  • To verify the authenticity of the player’s information, including the monitoring of such information by financial institutions, credit institutions and so on;
  • To produce statistics;
  • To prepare and deliver relevant individualised marketing materials to partners where an affiliate programme is in place;
  • To ensure legal compliance or compliance with legal processes or actions to protect the interests of authorities in the country of operation;
  • To monitor suspected illegal, fraudulent or other irregular activities;
  • To report the commission of a crime or suspected crime, including money laundering or fraud, in a timely manner.

Liability for non-compliance with the privacy policy

As a general rule, breaches of the privacy policy (any of its rules) will result in liability. So it is here. Liability measures are divided into temporary and permanent. Read more here:

  • Permanent penalties include total blocking of the account without the right to create a new one. If the player believes that this measure has been wrongly applied to him, he can contact support and try to resolve the misunderstanding;
  • Time limits can include various restrictions on access to certain sections of the website, its functions, payment methods and so on.

At the moment, there are several approaches to identifying rule-breakers. The company’s computer algorithms do an excellent job of this. However, users themselves can also point out offenders using the helpdesk.

Rules for submitting personal data

Here we invite you to explore the rules of conduct within the privacy policy. As it will, at the very least, create a certain level of comfort and security for you. To ensure that the collection of information and its subsequent use does not come as a surprise to you, follow these tips:

  • Learning the rules of the company before you start playing;
  • Using the functions of the platform in full compliance with the terms and conditions set out;
  • Providing only accurate information;
  • Not divulging information, even if it is inadvertently obtained by you;
  • Prohibit purposefully obtaining data from other players.

These and many other rules will allow you to avoid penalties. However, only if you adhere to them.

How does a player report a breach of privacy policy?

Most players are interested in information about how they can protect themselves against breaches of the privacy policy. One way is to report a breach to the support team. This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Open the official website of the company you will be using;
  2. Go to the Support section;
  3. Choose a method; chat, email, phone number, etc;
  4. Describe your problem and follow all instructions from the operator.

This will allow you to punish the offender and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Security and protection

Players need not worry about their data falling into the hands of third parties. This is all ensured by numerous databases with multi-stage information encryption, as mentioned earlier. However, there are several reasons why a company might disclose your data:

  • Based on the law;
  • At the request of the police to investigate fraud or money laundering.

Your data is kept for exactly as long as you are a current user. Based on our internal rules, there may also be waivers and data transfers, as described earlier.