Who Is Lucky Enough to Win Millions of Dollars on Lotto?

    Millions of Dollars on Lotto

    Have you ever imagined how your life would look like if you suddenly won an enormous amount of money? What would you do? Go on a vacation, buy a new home, or start your own business? Well, one lucky person doesn’t have to imagine anymore nor do they need to choose since Oz Lotto reported that their Jackpot of $50 million went to someone’s pocket.

    The individual remains unknown since the winning ticket was bought by the player who is not registered and therefore their division is unable to contact them. The identity of the person with a worthy ticket will remain an enigma until they come forward and bring the ticket they bought.

    Bronwyn Spencer, who is an Oz Lotto spokeswoman, asked all the residents in New South Wales to check their numbers on tickets and to come to the lottery offices. She also said that someone’s life changed overnight and that the person in question is still not aware of that fact.

    She left the phone number, so when the lucky winner discover what happened, they can call and claim their prize. The only important thing — if you have a winning ticket, don’t lose it out of your sight.

    Actually, there were more prizes aside from Jackpot, and we have to take an opportunity to mention that there were other lucky people who won $42,198. It might not be the biggest prize ever, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

    As a matter of fact, this is the 10th time that someone won a prize similar to this in one division, which means that the lottery already gave $285 million for prizes. We know that news like this can encourage you to rush and buy one ticket for yourself, but bear in mind that the possibilities of winning such a prize are 1 in 45,379,620. And if you feel this is your lucky day, go ahead and have the best of luck!

    And while we are on the odds, we might as well mention one fun fact. If you are a resident of Australia, your chances of getting struck by lightning during your lifetime are 1 in 12,000. You can do the math on your own.

    Why stopping at just one fun fact? We will provide you with another one! Again, if you are an Australian resident, your odds of experiencing shark attack are also bigger than winning at lotto. They are 1 in 3,748,067. You can see now how lucky you have to be in order to win a prize like that.

    But, on the other hand, we are sure that this lucky player never imagined what life would bring him, and we are sure they now believe that miracles can indeed happen.

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