United Nations Blacklisted a Businessman, But Crown Casino Still Accepts His High Bets


    Crown Casino is facing some issues due to certain illegal activities, and they are the main news on many television channels. The latest problem the government has had with the casino includes a war criminal and businessman, who is apparently a regular guest. Actually, it’s an individual blacklisted by the United Nations because he organized criminal activities during the wartime. Despite that, he is still more than welcome and accepted in Crown Casino.

    The United Nations Security Council imposed travel and financial sanctions for this player in 2004. The main reason for that was his relationship with a dictator from Liberia, Charles Taylor, who is also a former president of that country. However, Crown Casino doesn’t really seem to have cared for those sanctions. They still let him come here and place quite high bets in their high-roller rooms. His wagers were kept a secret, and all of the records were hidden until video footage has leaked into the public.

    The name of this player, Joseph Wang, is well known, and his firm is blacklisted by U.N. for smuggling weapons. But if you thought that was all, you couldn’t be more wrong. He was brought to The Hague and accused of terror, rape, and murder in war. And still, he was able to gamble more than six million dollars in Crown Casino in just eight years, according to the records. And the worst thing is that during that time, his sanctions weren’t lifted.

    Based on this, it’s more than obvious that Crown Casino’s establishments in Melbourne and Perth failed to complete all the necessary controls. They never detected who this high roller actually was, or they did but didn’t seem to care — they welcomed him despite knowing his gambling was obviously connected to money laundering, which is a criminal act.

    Actually, the Security Council, which was endorsed by the federal government, should have prevented him from entering Australia, but they obviously failed to do their job. Instead, there is video footage that proves he came to gamble multiple times alongside an Indonesian businessman, also a high roller. It is believed that this businessman was paid by Crown Casino to attract wealthy gamblers and bring the casino more money.

    The spokesman of Crown Casino hasn’t yet answered questions about Wong. Instead, he just said that this casino was taking their obligations seriously. They do control checks on a regular basis, and they have no interest to be connected with criminals although the facts show otherwise. He assured the public that this casino had always worked closely with regulatory agencies and provided them with all the information that could be useful to law enforcement.

    Regulation Board Is Working Hard on This Case, But They Need More Time


    The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation is in charge of this case. They are working on resolving the issue, and they are hoping this case will be solved as soon as possible. But they are asking for more time in order to conduct their own investigation.

    Their spokesman said that the department was well aware of Wong’s case and that they were working on investigating not just this one but all cases related to the abuse of the visa system.

    What is known to the public is that the U.N. Security Council reported that Joseph Wong had received more than eight million dollars, and they believe that the money wasn’t received legally. The Oriental Timber Company, a Wong’s organization, smuggled weapons overseas to Taylor and financed his regime. As a matter of fact, that same regime is responsible for crimes against humanity.

    The first record of Wong’s gambling in Australia was noted in 2010 when he used his private jet to come from Asia to Perth. This way, he avoided the customs and gambled in Crown Casino’s high-roller room. Years after, there is another record of him in the same casino, but this time in Melbourne, where he lost more than four million dollars on the gamble.

    After the former Liberian president was sent to jail in the U.K. due to murders, rapes, and terror, the U.N. lifted the sanctions for Wong and other people that were connected to Taylor, and that happened in 2015. Three years after that, he flew to Australia again, and this time, he lost more than two million in the same casino.

    The news about Wong’s return to Australia was not well accepted among residents. The public was furious when the video footage leaked into the public. He was seen carrying money in a shopping bag and entering this casino. People are calling for a royal commission and asking for justice. Days after, the staff of Crown Casino joined the public asking for better security at work.

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