Tasmania Will Raise Gambling Taxes Up to 15%

    Raising Gambling Taxes

    The small southern state of Australia, Tasmania, found a way to bring the country $3.4 million each year. They intend to raise taxes for gambling and use that money to run the government more effectively. According to them, this will be beneficial not only for the country but also for the citizens who have problems with gambling. This decision has already been made as the public is informed about everything.

    They provided the public with a report on Thursday, saying that this 15% tax would be effective on the first day of January 2020. This tax raise will be effective at both online and regular casinos, but it will exclude free bets that are provided to punters. Actually, this will put Tasmania on the list of the six states in Australia that introduced this duty for gamblers. Aside from that, this state will be one of the top three in the nation that have the highest taxes when it comes to gambling. Apparently, they are determined to stop gambling addiction.

    As it was expected, this government’s decision was not very well welcomed among gamblers. The local online gambling industry was the first to criticise this move as soon as it was published in the official report. Nick Minchin, Chairman of the Responsible Wagering Australia, said that he was disappointed by this decision, and according to him, this move was suspicious. He believes that it can mean that the government will spend all the money from those taxes for their own purposes since they will earn much more than in any other Australian state, and he thinks that nothing good can come from that.

    Well, nobody thought that the gambling industry would approve such a move since there is a high possibility that their business will decrease as time passes. Nick Miching gave an official statement about this issue, saying that those taxes would bring the same to this state as they had to the others that had already applied them.

    Prizes will be lower, and players will lose interest and go somewhere else to gamble. This way, the state won’t earn previously planned $3.4 million since that money will go to other states. He believes that the gambling industry will also lose a lot, and people who work in casinos will lose their jobs.

    Despite all those things he said, the state doesn’t agree with that, and they intend to proceed with their planes, no matter the criticism. They said that this move was well thought through. They studied every possible aspect of this decision. The government even consulted with other states that already use this system of taxes to make sure it’s working well there, and apparently, it does. So if you are a passionate gambler, prepare yourself for lower prizes and jackpots since the casinos will probably lower them as soon as this rule comes into effect.

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