Responsible Gambling Panel Criticises Max Stake Limits for Slots Online

    At the beginning of this week, GRH APPG required in their interim report that deposit and stake limits be set to 2.60 dollars maximum for slot games online. A panel of executives for responsible gambling, however, stated that this proposal was underestimating the gravity of gambling problems.

    Director of Sustainability at William Hill, Lyndsay Wright, stated that if the solution were that simple, it would have been applied by now. She explained that they have been thinking about the community of their online customers, particularly when one finds themselves in a world where it is pretty easy to get to an operator without a license.

    The Remote Gambling Association CEO, Wes Himes, stated that the more comprehensive and forensic approach to the problem is affordability. He said that the RGA is currently testing different procedures, which are based on their ability to identify the financial position of their customers. The company claims that it will provide a better view of individual cases of what the sum one player can afford while playing slots is.

    Head of Safer Gambling, Ben Wright, said that the limitation of maximum bets was a blunt tool. He suggested that, in the gambling industry, more sophisticated things could be done, such as the aforementioned affordability, customer education, or data science.

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