Massive Strike in Melbourne: Crown Casino Staff Is Unsatisfied


    Crown Casino is all over television programs as breaking news for the past two weeks. A lot of things occurred there, and many more are expected to happen in the days to come. One of the many concerns this casino has now is the strike of staff. It is possible that they will walk away from their jobs if they don’t get better conditions.

    They have their union — United Voice, and they are threatening to stop the normal functioning of the casino. This won’t happen only if they manage to push the negotiations in their favour and get the conditions they want. Workers will endorse the strikes of up to 24 hours and stop serving alcohol to the gamblers. Lastly, they won’t wear branded uniforms during the shift.

    They hope that everything will be over by the end of the month. It that case, they will be able to go to their jobs at the beginning of the next month. Actually, that will be the day before the Victoria Derby is run and before Melbourne Cup week festivities start. 

    United Voice wants to cover the issue with salaries and asks for a 5% increase each year. They also ask for better security, and for increasing full-time job contracts since this casino hires mostly part-time.

    For now, Crown Casino offered salary increases of 2.5% annually, but the union rejected that. They said that the casino agreed to only one demand, and it’s about employment. People will get permanent contracts after 12 months, and not 24 like they used to. They believe that they work hard 24/7 and deserve better conditions. To be fair, without the staff, the casino won’t be able to work normally.

    Their union is dissatisfied since they had ten meetings, and so far they solved only one issue. This means that the casino is refusing to treat their employees the way they should. In their public announcement, they said that the Crown had a chance to fix everything, but they did nothing so far. A lot of members already left since they had no choice, and the others seek justice.

    One of the main concerns workers have is the fact that they cannot plan their lives normally since they are not sure when their next paycheck is going to be. A lot of them are obliged to find a second job, and some of them said that they had to put off having kids due to bad salaries. The Crown casino hires more than 70% of people part job, so they have no guarantees that no one will fire them any time soon.

    On the other hand, Natasha Stepanov, who is a spokeswoman for Crown Casino, said that they offered them everything they wanted as a part of negotiations. She even said that more than 83% of workers have a permanent contract and not a part-time one. She pointed out that this casino provides flexible options when it comes to the contract, so workers can choose whatever they prefer. Actually, she used this as one of the many benefits the casino offers to their employees.

    This casino has a lot of issues lately, and as it looks like they are trying to solve them, so they don’t have much time to focus on their employees. Their business is under pressure in recent months, since many shady things leaked into the public.

    Employees of Crown Casino will continue with their strike, and they are hoping to solve all of their problems as soon as possible. We will have more information in the days that come when they meet with the management of the casino again.

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