Australian Citizens Ask For a Royal Commission


    A lot of things are happening in one of the Australian states, Victoria. In just a few weeks, many illegal things happened, and people are determined that somebody needs to put an end to it. Day after day, at least one illegal action happens, and the royal commission is still not called. Well, it looks like that is about to change.

    Actually, most of the concerns are about Crown Casino. This is definitely not their best week for business since they are accused of animal cruelty in horse racing and money laundering alongside drug usage. After all of that, the newest information leaked into public — they allowed a man to gamble millions of dollars. We know that they have the right to allow people to gamble as much as they want, but this wasn’t just an ordinary person — it’s a man who was sanctioned by the UN for assisting a war criminal. No wonder people are so mad.

    Leaked Video Footage as a Proof

    Victorian government is still not doing anything about the video that leaked into the public. It was more than obvious that it’s all about money laundering, but no real action has been taken against the gambling industry, and that’s what angers people the most.

    illegal things

    Daniel Andrews, the premier of the State of Victoria, is instigating the royal commissions, but despite that, nothing has happened. 

    Many people believe that real threat lies underneath all of this and that problem gambling will just manifest more and more in Victoria. Gambling harm can have many factors, and it can cause a lot of problems, such as family violence, mental health problems, etc. As a matter of fact, the estimated percentage of people who have mental health because of gambling is 22.

    So the question people have is whether the government wants to cover all those possible problems affecting Victorian citizens and why they are silent about the issues the state is facing.

    Andrews tried to be honest with people and said that Labor or Liberal parties didn’t say much about this issue nor would they ever. The thing is, they have a strong connection with the gambling industry since they receive political donations from it. That being said, they cannot do much about those problems, and they will remain silent. Both of these parties have former workers who are now working in the gambling industry, and that also includes former ministers and legal advisers. So it’s no wonder that citizens cannot expect too much from the government to do something about it.

    Will Anything Happen in the Future?

    Undoubtedly, there are secure connections between the government and the gambling industry. Both parties have a lot to lose if the royal commission is called, and people are well aware that political interests come first.

    From this point of view, people are furious that they will do anything to stop this illegal madness. They actually wanted the prime minister, Scott Morrison, to take part in this issue since they believe Andrews doesn’t have enough strength and power for that. It remains to be seen whether Morrison will make some move and do something to please the people.

    They believe that it was enough of the gambling industry having power over politicians and that with this concrete proof, something can be done. Although one of the biggest country profits came from the gambling industry, people are no longer willing to pay the price and risk that new illegal things happen.

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