Australian Citizen Who Won Lotto Jackpot Still Doesn’t Believe That Is True

    Won Lotto Jackpot

    Remember how last week’s news was all about lottery money? One lucky person won millions, and until this day, their identity was a mystery. Well, after all the speculations, now we know who the lucky winner is!

    However, for now, his identity won’t be exposed. This is just to keep him safe, but as soon as the transfer is over, Australia will have the name of this lucky person. When that day comes, the citizens will get to meet him. He is something of an urban legend now. In just one night, he became wealthier than many famous actors, singers, etc. People have been playing lottery for a long time now, but they have never expected someone would win all those millions.

    It is incredible how life can change in a day thanks to a piece of paper with a bunch of lucky numbers. One day, you go to work so you can afford all those little necessities in life, and another day, you have enough to start your own business and do something you have wanted forever. And all of that without any fear because you have enough money to last you for the rest of your life. Isn’t that amazing?

    The lucky winner came forward and gave his announcement to the press. You could see the excitement on his face while he was talking to all those journalists around him. He was overwhelmed with joy, but he actually asked for a little privacy since he isn’t used to so much attention. By the law, he has a right to ask to remain anonymous for a while, until the money transfer is finished. When he feels ready, he will step forward so everybody can see that it is possible to win this amount of money on lottery. There were a lot of questions for him, such as if he had ever believed it was really possible to win a prize like this one, etc. He was a little bit confused but still patient enough to answer them all.


    First of all, he had never imagined that he would be the luckiest person in Australia that day. This family buys lottery tickets often, but they have never won anything. They buy them just for fun, and it’s always only one ticket. When the anonymous winner found out about his prize, he was at work.

    This man had a real struggle to grasp what had happened. At one point, he realized that third Jackpot winner was still unknown. He asked his daughter to check the numbers on the lottery website, and that was the moment they found out what had happened. He didn’t say anything to his co-workers. Instead, he just went out and called the number the lottery spokeswoman left.

    How Will They Spend That Amount of Money?

    This family still doesn’t know what will happen with that money, whether they will buy property, start a business, or something else. They know that when the time comes, they will decide this matter together, as a family. But one thing is for sure — he will help his family as much as he can. As far as he is concerned, he can picture himself playing golf at his beach house and enjoying his retirement.

    The family will travel a lot in the next period. He promised to share this prize with his friends and family so they could all enjoy it the same way he would. Well, he will definitely use this money to make the years to come unforgettable to a lot of people.

    Understandably, he hasn’t made his final decision. During the press release, he was constantly repeating that it looked like this was happening to someone else and that his life was so good. We are sure he will invest this money in what he believes is the best. After all, there is enough money for a lot of things. He doesn’t even have to choose how to invest it — he can do whatever he likes.

    And lastly, he said that even he still didn’t believe they had won. We are sure he will when he sees the money, but for now, it all looks like a dream to this family.

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